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Ways To Re-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Most plastic bottles are regarded as PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles because of their clear, strong, lightweight, and 100% reusable nature.

Did you know? Aside from drinking the contents of your plastic bottles, there are better ways to use them besides disposing thereby causing environmental pollution. A plastic bottle is estimated to have a lifespan of a thousand years to decompose, hence the importance of recycling it.

Major ways of using your empty plastic bottles.

  1. Trade For Money

In most parts of the world, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and governments encourage a cash-for-trash policy. This allows consumers to return their empty plastic bottles for cash back or tokens.

This is to encourage low plastic waste in society. In some parts of Africa like Nigeria, individuals also purchase empty plastic bottles for either personal use or for their retail businesses. Examples of retail businesses that transact in these plastic bottle markets include but are not limited to palm oil sellers, nut sellers, palm-wine sellers, homemade juice sellers, etc.

2. Decoration

Another beautiful use of plastic bottles is for interior decoration.

There are so many DIY designs you can use your empty plastic bottles for; these include a flower vase, cutlery stand, curtain holder, chandeliers, jewelry box, etc.

3. Gardening

Converting your old plastic bottles into a garden base for your vegetables and flowers saves not only the environment but also saves space as some of the vegetables can grow hanging.

4. Bottle House

Plastic houses have been built by many civil engineers and have been found to not only be eco-friendly but also durable.

In December 2022, Ceesolar energy limited a renewable company in Abuja Nigeria commissioned its mini-grid located at Abaribara, Biase local government Cross-river state, with its security house built with plastic water bottles. This innovation by the company was done to save the earth by recycling plastic bottles into a habitable house.

Below are some basic facts about plastic bottle houses

1. Bulletproof and earthquake resistant

2. Low cost to build and maintain

3. Provides excellent Insulation toward heat

4. Waterproof

5. Highly durable

Save the earth, recycle your plastic bottles today.

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