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"Can My Solar Panels and Batteries Power Freezers, ACs, Pressing Iron, and Washing Machine?"​

When considering whether or not to install Solar Power in their homes, one of the questions we usually get from interested parties is what amount of load the solar power can carry. Well, the right answer to that question is; "It depends".

In order to understand how solar power works and what amount of load it can carry, you can compare it to how your generator works. Generators are usually rated in kVA, signifying the capacity and giving an idea of the amount and kind of loads that can run on them. Ideally, smaller generators of about 1.5kVA to 3kVA would not cater to the load that a bigger generator of 15kVA or 25kVA and above would.

With that background in mind, it is clear that the size of your solar system (kW) would determine the amount of load that can run on it. Usually, you can get as much load as possible on your solar system depending on how large the capacity is.

How Do You Determine What Solar System Can Carry Your Desired Equipment?

Figuring out what solar system size you need to power your desired equipment is dependent on understanding the load capacity of the equipment you want to power. Equipment you use at home such as lightbulbs, fans, ACs, Washing machines, Fridge/Freezers, Pressing Iron e.t.c. are typically rated in watts (1000 watts = 1kW); signifying their capacity. Lightbulbs for example can range between 60 watts (for incandescent bulbs) to about 15 watts or less (for fluorescent and LED bulbs).

Hence, you need to understand the capacity of each of this equipment and the quantity. This would give you a sense of the total load you want to power. It is this information that would guide you on the capacity of the solar system you are installing.

Installation of a 5kVA solar system for a residential customer in Abuja, FCT, to power lightbulbs, freezer, and AC.

However, you should understand that even if you have the system capacity to carry heavy loads, and the batteries for that, the rate at which your batteries run out is dependent on the amount of load on it. Therefore, it is generally recommended that for you to get more out of your system in terms of how many hours the batteries can last, you limit the amount of load on it.

"I Want To Know What Solar System Size My Home Requires"

We understand that you might not have the expertise of knowing what the total load in your home is and what solar system size would cater for that. Not to worry, that is why we are here.

You can contact us to schedule an energy audit of your facility and advise you on what size of solar system you should install. Call/WhatsApp 08033675293 to get started today.

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